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Born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, the artist grew up in a series of old houses in weird little Virginian towns. His mom was an abstract painter/gardener and his dad a preacher/ jazz guitarist. Ben has always gravitated to the eclectic and avant-garde. He has an extensive work history that represents his creative interests with positions ranging from traveling butcher to prosthetic and orthotic technician. As an electric bassist and composer he has been involved in several original instrumental groups. As an artist he brings together multiple disciplines and interests. Currently the method by which he does this is mixed/multi media sculptural installation. His art contains elements of whimsy, wonder, apprehension, and beauty. His visceral assemblages incorporate simple mechanics and sound as well as visually dramatic arrangements. It has been described as "jubilant," "alien," "otherworldly," and "terrifying and beautiful." He now lives in North Carolina, where he  earned his BFA, was named a Wingate Fellow in 2010,  and met and married his wife. He currently lives with his wife in Durham, North Carolina, where he continues the pursuit of original creative expression.

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